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Solution of pig manure sludge

As a new type of sludge dewatering machine, Multi-Disk Screw Press is widely used in the industry. Among them, it is more efficient to treat the excrement of animal husbandry. Therefore, it is also called special sludge dewatering machine for aquaculture, in which cow dung, pig dung, chicken dung, duck dung and other kinds of dung can be effectively treated.


Solution of pig manure sludge


Structure of Multi-Disk Screw Press:

Multi-Disk Screw Press, which belongs to the spiral sludge concentration and dewatering system, can effectively reduce the cost of infrastructure and reduce the pressure of enterprises. Sludge dewaterer skillfully uses automatic update filter cake filtering technology to replace traditional filter filter filter, self-update filter cake filtering technology to ensure the continuous and stable sludge separation effect of the dewaterer, through the strong extrusion force caused by the change of screw diameter and pitch, and the small gap between the moving ring and the fixed ring, to realize sludge entry. Extrusion dehydration is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment.


Pre:Advantages of Multi-Disk Screw Press


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