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Advantages of Multi-Disk Screw Press

Multi-Disk Screw Press is a kind of equipment with compact design, small space, low energy consumption, low operating cost, high energy-saving and high technology content, easy maintenance and replacement, small weight and easy handling. Especially suitable for small and medium-sized sewage plants, township sewage plants, sewage treatment stations. The dehydrator replaces the traditional filter cloth and centrifugal filter mode with a unique and subtle filter mode, which reduces the investment cost and improves the treatment efficiency. So how little do you know about the advantages of Multi-Disk Screw Press?


It is widely used in municipal sewage, food, beverage, slaughter and breeding, printing and dyeing, petrochemical industry, papermaking, leather, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Its unique dewatering principle makes the equipment suitable for high and low concentration sludge. Starting from 2000 mg/L, it pioneered the direct dewatering of low concentration sludge.

Innovative structural design makes the equipment suitable for all types of sludge with high and low viscosity, especially oily sludge, which can be regarded as a sharp tool for oily sludge dewatering! The equipment is not easily blocked. The unique dynamic and static ring filter joint mechanism makes the equipment not easy to clog, does not need to carry out a large number of cleaning to prevent the clogging of the filter joint, thoroughly reduces the amount of water used for flushing, reduces the burden of internal circulation, and solves the troubles caused by the clogging of traditional dewatering equipment to enterprises.

Continuous automatic operation. Multi-Disk Screw Press pumps out sludge, adds medicinal liquid and discharges mud cake with automatic control. It is connected by electric control cabinet, medication machine, mud pump and medication pump. It does not need personnel to operate equipment, and it does not cause blockage, deviation of filter band or other phenomena affecting process safety. It is easy to maintain and maintain daily. No one operated continuously for 4 hours. For the first time, the continuous automatic operation of sludge dewatering has been realized in a real sense.


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