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The sludge dewatering machine can't press the sludge?


This is one of the most common faults in stack. If the mud can not be pressed, we should comprehensively consider and analyze the causes, and then solve them pertinently.

Possible Reason 1: Flocculation Effect

The effect of flocculation is the most common reason for the choice of flocculants. Choosing suitable flocculant can change the effect of mud compaction by the greatest factor. The flocculant can be selected according to the manufacturer's guidance or directly allocated by the manufacturer. After debugging the flocculant, it is necessary to observe whether the flocculant mixing tank is connected with the main body of snail folding, and not to block it. Only when the alum blossom is fully formed can it be used. If it can't be formed, solid material will be lost, dehydration efficiency will be reduced, and even no mud cake will be discharged seriously.

Possible Cause 2: Back Pressure Plate Clearance

Back pressure plate clearance is usually reserved not less than 4 mm, please check whether the adjustment is too dense, please use professional tools to adjust.

How to adjust sludge moisture content through back pressure plate?

Possible Reason 3: Driving Motor

Is the drive motor working properly? This is a good check. It is usually supplied by the brand merchants, and there will be no problem. Please consult the supplier directly.

Possible Reason 4: Spiral Shaft

Whether the rotation speed and direction of the screw shaft are correctly adjusted? Whether the rotation speed affects the effect of sludge production and the direction is reversed? Whether the wiring is wrong? When the sludge is reversed, the sludge can not be discharged. Please check the power connection.



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