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Multi-Disk Screw Press setting method

The spray "stop time (OFF)" and "run time (ON)" for cleaning can be set separately.

The stop time is set by the green knob and the running time is set by the red knob.
Please set it to stop for 15 minutes / run for 25 seconds.
※ In order to avoid malfunction of the machine, please do not set the spray running time to 20 seconds or less.
The spray solenoid valve used in the machine uses a power saving mode that restores electricity.
In the case of initial operation or long-term (more than 5 days) shutdown, the charging voltage of the capacitor is reduced, and the startup takes about 30 seconds.
Multi-Disk Screw Press spray factory setting initial value:
Stop: 15 minutes
Run: 25 seconds
Can be used as a reference.



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