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Tube Air Diffuser

Tube air diffuser is a new type of tube rubber aerator developed by our company. The air supply main pipe, the pilot air tank and the rubber membrane hole are used for microporous aeration. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable performance, no blockage of air holes, no backflow of sewage, uniform circumferential stress, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, low system price, etc. This product is the first in China and reaches the level of similar products in the world. It is an economic and reasonable aerator.

Product structure:

The tension of the membrane is much smaller than that of the disk aeration.

adopt the structure of pilot air tank, and the aeration component has no buoyancy;

The film uses natural rubber and anti-aging formula, and the membrane has long service life.

the number of holes in each group is 6624 × 2 (ordinary aeration membrane Φ 215 is 2000 holes).

adopt stainless steel connecting fastener, the interface is not easy to leak and easy to disassemble.


high oxygen utilization rate, uniform air distribution and no blockage;

long service life, no water accumulation in the gas pipe, stable and reliable performance;

simple installation structure, no buoyancy of aeration pipe, convenient design and use.


Tube air diffuser aerator
Tube air diffuser aerator


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