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Band Screen

Band screen is a kind of water treatment equipment which can continuously and automatically intercept and remove impurities in the fluid produced by Tianniwei. It is widely used in municipal sewage treatment, especially in printing and dyeing wastewater, and can remove fibrous garbage. At present, it is one of the more advanced solid-liquid separation equipment.

Order instructions

1. Can provide drawings, need to indicate channel width, channel depth, mesh width, mesh aperture, water inflow.

2. Material requirements.


Band screen is an efficient sewage decontamination equipment which combines fouling interception and decontamination. It can effectively remove weeds, paper, cigarette ends, melon seeds, fibers, hair and so on. It has a high rate of pollutant capture, and can ensure the effective implementation of the follow-up treatment process.


Band screen



Band screen



Band screen


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