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Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen

RDS series drum screen mainly focus on the medium flow rate, low and medium solids rate of sewage; which is Is a compact structure, completely closed and low failure rate model, and to solve common sewage solid-liquid separation equipment. The screen can be wedge-shaped screen and perforated screen, the common aperture is 0.25~6mm.

It mainly composed of drum grid, driving mechanism, back flush unit, unloading device, sealing assembly, inspection door assembly, rack and other components. During operation, sewage (or other raw water) enters the water tank from the inlet pipe, sprays evenly through the baffle plate (or water distribution pipe) to the front of the drum surface, and flows into the drum through the grid solts, and finally flows out from the lower part.

The suspended matter in the sewage retained on the rotating drum, and with the rotation of the drum, it is sent to the discharging end of the other side from the inlet end, which is shoveled down by the unloading device. The time relay in control cabinet controls the back flush solenoid valve to open and close periodically so that to clean the blockage between the drum bars. The integral design, strong construction and high quality stainless steel material ensure the equipment can long-term operate with trouble-free and low energy consumption. Simple maintenance.


Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen


Product Feature:

①SS304 stainless steel member;

②Integral structure;

③External spray system;

④Sealing cover plate;

⑤Frequency control range 4-20 rpm;

⑥Automatic blow slag;

⑦Timed back flush.


Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen



①SS316L stainless steel member;

②Liquid level switch;

③Backwash solenoid valve;

④Backwash pump;

⑤Electric control cabinet.


Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen


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