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Screw Press

Product introduction:

As a screw type sludge dewatering machine, it is currently widely used in the treatment of various sludges and water. and one of the most popular sludge treatment equipment in the world.

It's Suitable for municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, leather, welding materials, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical,fecal sludge wastewater (aquaculture wastewater treatment) and other industries.When carrying out sludge dewatering at a low concentration, there is no need to build a concentration tank or storage tank, which reduces the construction cost.

Screw PressScrew Press

Screw sludge dewatering machine principle:

1. Screw sludge dewatering machine main body of dehydrator is a filter device formed by fixed ring and swimming ring overlapping each other and spiral shaft running through it. The front section is the concentration section, and the back section is the dehydration section.

2. The filter gap formed between the fixed ring and the swimming ring and the pitch of the spiral shaft gradually decreases from the concentrated part to the dewatering part.

3. The rotation of the screw shaft promotes the sludge transport from the concentrated part to the dewatering part, at the same time, it also continuously drives the moving ring to clean the filter seam and prevent clogging.

Screw PressScrew Press

Advantages of sludge dewatering machine:

1. Energy saving and emission reduction: Sludge dewatering equipment has the lowest energy consumption of all sludge dewatering equipment, which can save tens of thousands of energy consumption a year.

2. Small area: The minimum model length is less than 2 meters, which can effectively save the area.

3. Wide application scope: It can be widely used in sewage treatment of municipal, printing and dyeing, textile and leather, paper industry, River sludge, mechanical and electronic industry.

4. Durable: reliable quality, quality assurance of accessories, 304 stainless steel fuselage, can be used for several years will not be bad.

5. Simple operation: setting parameters of electronic control cabinet and medication, automatic operation, without manual interference. Really 24 hours unattended.

6. Product cost: Cost and market price are far lower than the traditional sludge treatment machine, which is more beneficial to users. Users can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in machine purchasing costs.

Screw Press

Screw Press

Screw Press
Screw Press


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