Mobile Sludge Reduction System

Mobile Sludge Reduction System is a solid-liquid separation, independent power generation, pumping and drainage system. The tank body is equipped with a solid-liquid separation system, and the separation of dirt and water is completed in a relatively closed circulating compression system.

The rear door of the tank body is opened, and the garbage is pushed out automatically. The whole construction process is coherent, efficient and high quality. In addition, there are three-phase power as the main power, and equipped with independent generator set. The equipment avoids the traffic jam and secondary pollution of the conventional equipment.


I、Compact design, small footprint.

The equipment can be installed on 4.5 m, 6.8 m, 7.8 m, 13 m and other types of transport vehicles, in line with the transport size standard of ordinary vehicles, the equipment is highly intensive and easy to move.

II、The treatment capacity is large and the cost is saved.

The sludge treatment capacity of 10-50 cubic meters per hour greatly improves the work efficiency, saves a lot of manpower and the transportation cost of ordinary sewage suction trucks.

III、Reasonable equipment and technology

It has fundamentally solved the problems such as the difficulty to improve the mixing of sludge, water and impurities, the difficulty of entering the solid-liquid separation unit for filtration after lifting, and the difficulty in flocculation and separation due to uneven sludge. It is the most scientific and cooperative mobile sludge water separation vehicle for dredging sewer network.

IV、Automatic control

Each unit module of the whole set of equipment, after rigorous PLC programming, with scientific and reasonable logical relationship, realizes the automatic operation of the whole set of equipment, which can be operated by one person.



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